Scientific workshops

4th AMITIE Workshop

Place: Barcelona (ES) – UPC – 30th-31st October 2019

Theme: Multiscale mechanical characterizations of materials

3rd AMITIE Workshop

Place: Mons (BE) – BCRC – 3 April 2019

Theme: Multiscale structural imaging of materials and FE simulation

Summary: This third workshop was a joint action organized together with the yCAM 2019 (young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum). Two slots of 1 hour of tuition on behalf or by AMITIE partners:

Christophe MARTIN (INP Grenoble – SIMAP Laboratory): Master class on DEM simulation

Eric MAIRE (INSA Lyon): Master class on X-Ray tomography

Number of attendees: 160

2nd AMITIE Workshop

Place: London (UK) – Imperial College – 11 September 2018

Theme: Science of ceramics: Colloidal and Polymer processing (formulation, rheology)

Summary: This second workshop was a joint action organized together with the ninth CASC Ceramic’s Summer School. 3 hours of tuition attendees of the summer school (PhDs, Post-docs and industrials) were ensured by AMITIE partners:

Stephane RICHAUD (St-Gobain): Master class on additive manufacturing – From the basis of what it is, on how to apply it to ceramics.

Andrea ZOCCA (BAM Institute): Powder bed additive manufacturing technologies and their application to ceramic materials

Number of attendees: 22

1st AMITIE Workshop

Place: Berlin (DE) – BAM Institute – 14-15 May 2018

Theme: Science of ceramics: basic knowledge and field overview with key industrials

Summary: The objective was to focus on the preparation of future scientific workshops and more specific events. AMITIE industrials were asked to inform workshop participants on citizen/consumer needs, to provide inputs on the market and to inform AMITIE academic participants of AM potential applications. Other subjects as technology transfer and exploitation of results were discussed.

Number of attendees: 13