X-Ray tomography of additive-manufactured zirconia: processing defects – strength relations


M.Saâdaoui (1), F. Khaldoun (1), J. Adrien (2), H. Reveron (2), J. Chevalier (2)


Accepted in the Journal of the European Ceramic Society (5 April 2019 – Available on line)


X-ray Computed Tomography (XCT) analysis was applied to identify and quantify typical defects in dense 3Y-TZP zirconia processed by the Lithography-based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM) technique. XCT derived strengths were anticipated from the XCT data and compared to experimental measurement. A good agreement between XCT data, bending strength measurement and fractographic analysis demonstrates the suitability of X-ray tomography for both defects detection and predictive mechanical strength estimation. It allows also to rank the different defects related to LCM in terms of their criticality versus mechanical resistance.


X-ray computed tomography, additive manufacturing, defects, strength, zirconia

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