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 15 March 2020 


German Ceramic Society Annual meeting

Organized at Forschungszentrum, Jülich (DE) [...]

 15 April 2020 


yCAM 2020 (young Ceramists Additive Manufacturing Forum)

Organized in Toulouse, France [...]

 27 April 2020 


10th Int. Workshop on Interfaces

Organized in Santiago de Compostela (Spain) and part of the BIOBONE ITN (International Training Network) european project exploring NEW FRONTIERS IN BIOMATERIALS ► ► The 10 th International Workshop on Interfaces: Design for Performance aimed to create a network of [...]

Événements passés

Biomaterials Symposium - Erlangen

10th Year Anniversary Symposium, Institute of Biomaterials, Erlangen – Organized by Prof Aldo BOCCACCINI – [...]

4th AMITIE Workshop

Organized at UPC, Barcelona – Workshop on multiscale mechanical characterizations of materials [...]

10th CASC Summer School on Ceramics

Organized at Imperial College London (Centre for Advanced Structural Ceramics) [...]


Organized in Italy, Torino [...]

Mid-Term meeting

Organized in London (Imperial College) in the presence of the EU representatives (PO, REA, experts) [...]

2nd AMITIE's Workshop

Held at Imperial College, London as a part of the CASC Summer School – Colloidal and Polymer Processing (formulation, rheology) [...]

2nd AMITIE workshop

Held in Brussels [...]