9th Int. Workshop on Interfaces, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 16-18 April 2018

Organized as part of the BIOBONE ITN (International Training Network) european project exploring NEW FRONTIERS IN BIOMATERIALS


► World leading research is dependent upon collaboration and co-operation. It is becoming increasingly recognised that the relationship between lengthscales and biocompatibility encompasses the future of the biomaterials and bio-inspired structures. Therefore, the diversity in processing methods including additive manufacturing, biological features and imaging techniques that feed into this subject create an unusual combination of skill sets and understanding. Here we aim to merge the boundaries between these fields and create a platform for learning and dissemination of the latest research.

► The 9th International Workshop on Interfaces: New Frontiers in Biomaterials intends to showcase this intersection of subjects that lead to the fabrication of materials with complex functionalities that draw inspiration from nature. It wishes to bring together the 1st Biobone Symposion and the previous editions of the Workshop on Interfaces, continuing to provide a multi-disciplinary platform where both early stage researchers and world leading academics can engage with and learn from each other.